CUSTOMER Testimonials

Whether you are an established client or a new customer, your opinion is an important element of our business.  It lets us know what we could do better.  It also tells us what we are doing right!  Don't forget to visit our J&S Facebook page OR drop us a line just to say hello at J&S Enterprises.

J&S Client Testimonials
Kari - Columbia Forest Products   arrow icon
J&S Enterprises is one of the BEST trucking companies that I have worked with in my 17 years of experience with transportation.  Customer service is above and beyond.  You can trust that when they say they are going to do something, it gets done.  They continually exceed my expectations and it is so nice not to worry if my load is going to get delivered on time.  I wish that more trucking companies would follow suit.  You are by far, the "best of the best".  Thank you so much for all you do for Columbia.  You have no idea how much we appreciate your dedication to us.    (Kari @ Columbia Forest Product)

Leslie - Swanson Group   arrow icon
J&S Enterprises has done an outstanding job getting our product shipped out the door.  They have provided exceptional service with their on time pickups and deliveries.  Their prompt and reliable service has made our customers very happy.  J&S is a customer service professional, going above and beyond.  I am impressed with the excellent service that they have provided.  Thank you J&S for all you do and for making my job easier.  (Leslie @ Swanson Group)

Barry - Eugene Forest Products   arrow icon
If you want timely shipments and prompt deliveries, J&S Enterprises should be your first choice.  Their rates are more than competitive, and their equipment is second to none!  Give Jeff a call . . . you'll be glad you did.  (Barry @ Eugene Forest Products)

Diane – D. Gill Logistics   arrow icon
When researching for the right carrier to haul my customers' products, I feel I hit the jackpot with J&S Enterprises.  They have shown excellent customer service with their on-time pick up and deliveries for every load they have hauled for DGL.  Complete customer satisfaction with their drivers being courteous to all they encounter.  They seldom have questions, but if there is a red flag on the load they call the question and will not leave the yard or mill until the question is resolved to prevent any issues on delivery.  As for rate quotes, Jeff is always honest and fair with his quotes and willing to work with me.  J&S Enterprises' equipment is top notch and in perfect condition.  This represents the type of business they run.  If you look good, you are good!  J&S Enterprises has a reputation to uphold and this shows in their drivers and their equipment.  I would like to say 'Thank you Jeff and J&S for the years of great service and to many more years.  (Diane @ D.Gill Logistics)

Jody - Columbia Forest Products  arrow icon
Dependability, reliability -- we really appreciate working with J&S Enterprises.  Jeff and his crew are complete professionals and we have the utmost confidence our shipments will always arrive on time with J & S.  We are so happy to have J & S Enterprises as part of our trucking family here at Columbia Forest Products.  Thank you Jeff!!!  (Jody@ Columbia Forest Products)